Caspian Caviar Presentations
Prince Gourmet1/4 ounce each of Oscetra & Sevruga Caviars (1/2 Oz Total)105
Tsarina Gourmet1/2 ounce each of Oscetra & Sevruga Caviars (1 Oz Total)195
Tsar Gourmet1 ounce each of Oscetra & Sevruga Caviars (2 Oz Total)355
Add a Vodka Flight or Bottle of Champagne to enhance the experience
Individual Presentations
Oscetra1 ounce served with creme fraiche, blinis, & toast points200
Sevruga1 ounce served with creme fraiche, blinis, & toast points190
American Sturgeon1 ounce served with creme fraiche & toast points75
Salmon Roe1 ounce served with creme fraiche & toast points45
Foie Gras & Pate
Truffled Foie GrasSlices of French goose foie gras block with Perigord truffle and fresh greans39
Mousse of Foie GrasMousse of French goose foie gras with truffles19
Pate du JourServed with red onion, mustards, capers, and pickles22
Salmon AlexanderRussian Blini filled with Smoked Salmon & Russian Salmon Roe served with creme fraiche, dill, caper berries, and lemon21
Gourmet Cheese SamplerImported cheeses, seasonal fruits, and crackers25
Oysters MoscowJumbo Oysters on the half shell served with creme fraiche, American Sturgeon caviar, vodka25
Truffled Crab Truffled Lump Crab, baked Brie, and crostini25
Tsar's Pizza (Customer Favorite)Smoked Salmon, creme fraiche with dill & garlic, with a touch of caviar on flat bread23
Ukranian VarenikiRussian Pasta filled with wild mushroom and served with truffled butter21
Soup & Salads
BorschTraditional Russian Borsch served hot with creme fraiche15
with Duck Confit35
House Garden SaladMesclun greens and tomatoes with truffle dressing 14
Red Square Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce hearts with caviar Caesar dressing19
Tsar Nicolai SaladBaby spinach with goat cheese, candied walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette17
Russian Salad "Olivie"Smoked Duck Breast, vegetables, pickles, and hard boiled eggs20
Traditional Russian Main Courses
Beef Stroganoff     Fine beef, mushrooms and yellow onions in cream sauce served with buckwheat and Russian style vegetables39
Royal Chicken Kiev     Breast of Chicken rolled around garlic parsley butter served with buckwheat and Russian style vegetables46
Kulebiaka     Fillet of salmon baked on the bed of wild rice with mushrooms, capers, and garlic dill cream sauce, wrapped in flaky puff pastry47
Satsivy     Pan seared duck breast sautéed in a robust pomegranate walnut sauce with a touch of kinza, served with drunken plums and spicy markovka45
Pelmeni     Russian style dumplings featuring specialty ground spiced meat wrapped in dough served with butter, creme fraiche, and Russian vinegar39
Assorted Smoked Salmon     Scottish smoked salmon, Gravadlax, & Norwegian salmon served with capers, red onions, dill, mustards, creme fraiche, and  Russian salmon roe. 39
Red Square Smoked Duck BreastSmoked Moulard duck breast, French foie gras slice, beets, baby greens, and vinaigrette39
NapoleonLayers of flaky puff pastry and Russian custard cream16
Truffle BliniHomemade Russian Blini topped with truffle honey & powdered sugar15
Strawberry RomanoffRussian sweet creme topped with brandied strawberries15